Your guide to York, England. The must see visitor attractions, restaurants, accommodation, what to do and much, much more. Your one stop guide to York's many attractions. Find out what brought the Romans and the Vikings here and why visitors have been coming back ever since.


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York's 'Must See' visitor attractions 

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York Minster Easily the most impressive Gothic cathedral in the country, built between 1220 and 1472 and its still the highest building in York - check out the view from the top. Awe inspiring inside too especially if you can catch choir practice Click to enlarge
The Jorvik Centre See what a 10th century Viking village was like. A car on rails transports you through a reconstruction of a Viking settlement with all the sights, sounds and smells from the time! Built on the site of an original Viking settlement, some of the timbers of which are still visible.   Click to enlarge
The National Railway Museum The largest railway museum in the world hosting hundreds of trains including the original Mallard engine, several royal coaches and a reconstruction of Stevenson's Rocket.
  Fairfax House A fine 18th century Georgian townhouse built by John Carr in 1762. Houses a fine collection of Georgian furniture. Click to enlarge
  Clifford's Tower The keep of the old castle built in 1245 is now all that is left of York Castle. The first castle on this site was a wooden construction built by William the Conqueror. Click to enlarge


  The Castle Museum Depicting everyday life from many different ages from Victorian through to the 1950's based around a collection of artifacts collected by Dr John Kirk, highlights are a reconstruction of a Victorian street and the condemned cell where Dick Turpin is reputed to have spent his last hours.  Click to enlarge
  The Shambles A famous medieval street of shops mentioned in The Domesday Book named after the shammel benches where butchers would display their wares. Still good for shopping today. Originally home to Margaret Clitherow, the Catholic martyr and a shrine to her can be found at number 35. Click to enlarge
  York Dungeon Enter if you dare. Reconstruction of the darker side of medieval times including the plague and various horrific tortures.


  The Richard the Third Museum Much loved in York at the time, King Richard was a regular visitor and had a house nearby at Sheriff Hutton. After being betrayed and killed at Bosworth in 1485, Henry Tudor did a pretty good job of rewriting history to make Richard the villain and later Shakespeare did much to put the final nail in the coffin of Richard's reputation. This museum poses the question was Richard really that bad? Judge for yourself.


  The Yorkshire Museum  In the ruins of a medieval abbey, this museum is home to Roman, Viking, Anglo-Saxon and medieval artifacts including the Middleham Jewel.  
  The Micklegate Bar York's 12th century south gate. Where heads of traitors used to be displayed on spikes until the 1700s. Home to a small museum.  Click to enlarge
  Merchant Adventurer's Hall, Fossgate Fine oak framed medieval guild hall built in 1357, originally as a hospital but in 1430 it became the home of the Guild of Merchant Adventurers.  
  Military Museum of the Royal Dragoon Guards and The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Uniforms, weapons, medals and militaria.  
  York City Art Gallery Featuring paintings by Parmigianino, Bellotto, Lely, Reynolds, Frith, Boudin, Lowry, Nash and Etty and ceramics by Staite Murray, Leach and Hamada, 3 minutes walk from the Minster.


  York Brewery Group tours, parties/functions and real ale. Show that you can organise a p... up in a brewery.


  Barley Hall A medieval town house in the centre of the city, restored in the 1990s it depicts life in the 15th century.


  York Archaeological Trust A fun-filled visit to the ARC will turn you and your family or group into archaeological detectives. Get your hands on real history and find out how archaeologists use clues to piece together York's past. You'll be amazed what you can find by digging in the dirt!  
  Street Theatre There are often street acts such as jugglers and musicians to be found in Parliament Street and King's Square. Click to enlarge
    Further afield - a car trip:  
  Castle Howard Not a castle at all but a beautiful English country manor house built in 1700 and star of the film 'Brideshead Revisited'.  
  Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington Ex WW11 bomber command station with historic aircraft, climb into a Halifax bomber and eat in a NAAFI cafe.  
  Fountains Abbey Beautiful ruined abbey and water gardens attracting 300,000 visitors a year.